Summer Skincare

Welcome to your one-stop shop for skincare that deeply hydrates, nourishes, and balances for your best summer skin yet. Here’s what you’ll need and why you’ll need it.

Keep Cleansing That Complexion

You’re outside more, you sweat more, and you wear SPF more. Deep clean those pesky clogged pores day and night to prevent blemishes.

Hydration is Your New Mantra

No matter how much SPF and suncare you use, sun exposure, air conditioning, chlorine and salt water can (and will) dry out skin and decrease moisture levels. Load up on quenching serums and moisturisers before and after sun-time.

Remember Your Body-Ody-Ody

Skin doesn’t stop at your chin – your neck, arms, hands, legs and feet all tend to be more exposed to the elements in summer. Make sure you exfoliate to increase cell turnover and moisturise to lock in the hydration.

The Final Touch

Thought lip balm was just for winter? Think again. UV rays can parch your pout so load up on nourishing products. Plus, remember to moisturise the extra-thin skin under your eyes.